* 08.03.2009


Shane is a temperamental, substantial, yet elegant and self-confident male of good medium size. He has excellent bone strength, a beautiful strong red wheaten and a well-balanced 

friendly character. You can hardly notice him in the house, but outside he unfolds all his energy. Shane is very adaptable and easy to handle, but sometimes also stubborn and headstrong. Shane lives in community with my second male Bwana, to whom he submits without problems. For Musha, he's the best buddy ever. Best friends forever! 

Nothing escapes his vigilance. You don't find aggression in Shane. At a young age he was very ambitious in hunting. In the meantime, however, he no longer indulges in this passion, which gives him a lot of freedom during his daily walks. Shane, like all my dogs, has a high environmental neutrality, which allows him to accompany me whenever possible. 

Shane is a born runner and he can see the joy he feels while jogging or cycling. In October 2011 he passed his breeding examination with flying colours and without any restrictions. 
About his father, the federal champion and Lux. Ch. "Shane at Makaranga", 1979 imported from Rhodesia, Shane is a half brother of Multi-Ch. Makaranga Famous Chaka and Multi-Ch. Makaranga Eldorado as well as great-grandson of the legendary SA & Rhod. Champions Mushana Starr Jameson, who survived three months in the African Bushveld completely on his own and returned in best condition! 

Shane comes from a TG sperm insemination and was born 19 years after his father's death. Crownwood Tunja, a livernose bitch imported from South Africa, whose pedigree is not yet widespread in Germany, was chosen for this exceptional mating. After a long search, the excellent breed type, the necessary health and fertility were found in it to enable the old Shane to make a breeding comeback. 

Shane currently represents a bloodline on her father's side which can be traced back to the vital founder breeds "Viking/Sipolilo/Eskdale" and can therefore only be found in the historical part of the relevant specialist literature. Through his breeding record, he has enriched the current Ridgeback breeding with early genetic potential that has since been lost and regained. 

Above all, however, it is suitable for the targeted back-breeding in lines that Shane at Makaranga or his direct descendants in the pedigree lead.