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Musha is a medium sized bitch with remarkable bone strength and substance. With her golden red wheaten she resists any fashion trend and stands in the classic breed standard. She is also Ridgeback par excellence in other respects. As an energetic power package, attentive guardian of house and garden, she pursues her interests with self-will and assertiveness. Musha, however, captivates above all by her friendly, good-natured nature. Curious, unimpressed and at the same time with the necessary caution, she explores the world. She learns quickly and easily subordinates herself to other species as well as humans. In the house Musha is inconspicuous and loves to enjoy the peace and quiet as well as the closeness to her humans and pack members. A close social relationship is very important for them. 

Musha was born in the Dutch Kennel Zuva Redu. She comes from the mating Mafinga Hombarume x Mafinga Gwindiri. Her breeder Jørna van Wingerden, self-employed dog trainer and dog physiotherapist, raised her lovingly and shaped her in the best way. The purple collar she wore in her litter earned her the nickname Princess Purple. How apt, because Musha wraps everyone around her finger with her lovely feminine style. Her charm is hard to resist. With Bwana and Shane she gains considerable liberties and privileges. Princess! 

Musha represents important dogs that have influenced Ridgeback breeding. Ikimba Waitimu and his son Villagedogs Hot Topic, who themselves were very successful in the show ring and have a similar offspring, are to be mentioned here on the dam's side. On his father's side, Pronkberg Makari, Ascot Alta Mirano and above all double world champion Faira Arif Kamilifu speak for themselves. Musha is an image of her mother Mafinga Gwindiri, whereby the substance was put into her cradle by her father Mafinga Hombarume "Hunter". The litter in which Musha was born had only one crown defect. Since her dam Gwindiri "Gwindi" comes from a flawless litter, I hope for the continuation of this good inheritance.