Breeding philosophy

"They can be beautiful, they must be healthy" 

This quotation from Verena Täuber, one of the oldest Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders in Germany and founder of the kennel "Umzingeli", I have chosen as my guideline. 
Following this, my breeding goal is robustness and longevity as a result of the best possible health as well as a functional structure and impeccable character. Because only dogs with high environmental neutrality find the greatest acceptance and freedom in our society. Good social behaviour, strong nerves and balance are basic prerequisites. 

Ridgebacks that follow a fashion trend are no what I am breeding. It is close to my heart to keep the African in his originality and not to breed dogs with a "trendy" appearance. Ridgebacks belong to the running and bloodhounds and due to their genetic heritage they still have characteristics such as hunting instinct, vigilance and protective instinct. If you do not want these characteristics in your future family member, I recommend that you choose another breed. Because only in this way man and dog will be happy in the long run! 

Little Lion Sands Rhodesian Ridgebacks are only born when the conditions are optimal. Better small and fine or class before mass - that is my motto. The breeding takes place according to the guidelines and under supervision of the DZRR/VDH/FCI. For me, breeding outside the VDH is out of the question, because only this makes the strictest demands on breeding animals, kennel and breeder. Continuous education classes on topics such as health, feeding, imprinting, keeping dogs, etc. are therefore a matter of course (and obligatory) for me, as is the use of breeding animals with perfect health results and rearing under the supervision and control of expert, breed-specific breeders. 

The puppies are delivered only into suitable hands. I would like to see people who are close to nature, who like to move, who have a lot of time, patience and empathy, and who can give the late maturing Ridgeback a position in life. A personal meeting is a mandatory prerequisite for a binding reservation. 

Of course, I will remain your contact person even after the delivery. It is important to me to follow the development of the puppies further and to be at your side with advice and action if necessary.