Planned litter

We are planning our "Agulhas"-Litter for spring/summer 2019.

After Musha has mastered all hurdles for breeding with flying colours, I am planning the Lion Sands A-litter with her for spring/summer 2019. Musha is then three years old and physically and mentally able to fulfill her mother role. The litter was named after Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of the African continent, where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet. The region is also often referred to as "Foot of Africa". 
Musha is expected to be in heat in April/May, so the little Lion Sands will be born in July at the latest. 

The parents

Zuva Redu Mushana Musha

Bashaani Emotion Massai

I have been observing Massai for quite some time and I noticed him already in the junior class as an elegant and moderate male with excellent anatomical qualities. Since his development has continued so positively, he is today multiple youth and club champion, Danish Ch., Swedish Ch., German Ch. and Luxembourg Ch. In addition, Massai has won other awards and this year even on the world-famous Crufts in the open class the 5th place of 32 males could run. 

Beside his excellent exterior Massai impresses with his wonderful character. He showed himself to Musha and me as a funny, daredevil and impartial charmer. His owners Nadine and Knut Nielsen affectionately call him mischief, and at the age of four he slowly grows up, typical of ridgeback. Massai is allowed to accompany his people to their workplace in Kreefeld Zoo - that alone speaks for itself! 

Massai was born on 06.05.2014 in the Bashaani Kennel. His maternal grandfather is the famous Makaranga Famous Chaka, a half-brother of my Amazing little Shane of Ekongo 
Kaross. I appreciate this old bloodline very much, as well as other ancestors like Glenaffric Ulanyo of Zuritamu, whom I was able to see personally in the showring. Ulanyo was a dog with a very strong nature, which inspired me again and again. Because he was used by his owner as a fully hunting dog. Father of Massai is the successful Dutch male Int., Be., Nl. Ch. JWW'11 Ridgevalley Farouk African Jewel. 

Massai can already look back on a successful and just as beautiful offspring, which convinced me of his good inheritance as a real breeding partner for Musha. Both complement each other well and one can be absolutely curious about the result of their mating! 

I thank Nadine & Knut for enabling me to use Massai in my kennel and look forward to the little Lion Sands who will hopefully be born next summer at the latest. 

If you are interested in a small Lion Sands puppy, please contact me in reasonable time. Shane, Musha and of course I would like to get to know you as early as possible. We are looking forward to seeing you!